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NLP Practitioner Course

Hey Folks,

It was great to be back at class last night and to see so many of you training hard. Feels like I have been away for ages. It was fantastic hearing all the feedback from students, now that the impact of the grading has truly sunk in. I was told by one student, it really is worth training hard and earning the grades rather than getting them for just attending.

Just a quick thank you to Sensei Werfel and Sensei Madden for covering my classes while I was away. It was well worth the effort guys and you will be glad to hear that I am now a fully qualified Practitioner in NLP, Meditation, Hypnosis and EFT. Thanks also to the willing "victims" who let me get to grips with the magic.

I would highly recommend the Btec Level 3 - NLP Practitioners course, which is run by Mark Dawes and NFPS, to anyone who has an interest in changing their lives for the better. 

On the back of this, the association are looking into holding short courses in self-hypnosis, meditation and improving sports technique. If you want to hear more about any of the courses the association runs, speak to your club instructor or ask them for an info sheet.

Association Gradings

We had a fantastic turn out for the gradings, especially as it was the beginning of the summer holidays.

Well done to everyone who passed, the standard was excellent and shows the hard work you put in at class. It is so much better now that we have people who want to train hard, rather than just going through the motions or expecting to be gifted their grades..

Is it not better that you earn the grades you wear, than be presented with grades or certificates for the benefit of a picture opportunity..

I suppose it is a moral choice we all have to make..

Keep up the good work.. and thank you for making the right choice..   Sensei Gavin


Congratulations to everyone who passed their grades on the 31st of March. The attitude of all the students grading was outstanding... well done.

It was a busy week for the association with courses on all week..

5 members of the association were completing their PTLLS Level 3, which has been sent off for marking..

This qualification for teachers in the Lifelong Learning Sector was introduced in September 2007. Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) is the new minimum requirement for people who wish to teach adults.

Unlike other association's who only issue in-house sports or   coaching certificates from their governing body, we require all our   instructors to have an externally accredited Level 3 teaching qualification in addition to their martial arts grade. We feel this puts our instructors   above the usual level of coaching available in the martial arts and can only benefit our students in the long run.

With this in mind, the association is also implementing a change to grading panel criteria. It is hoped that from Sept 2012, all black belt gradings held within the association will be graded by a panel including an externally accredited vocational assessor. More news to follow...

If you are interested in our externally accredited courses please contact Sensei Gavin.

Derby University - Budo Seminar

This weekend the association travelled all the way to Buxton, Sensei Gavin, Martin, Emma, Davie and Monty travelled down on Friday,  to take part in a Budo weekend at the university of Derby.

Students participated in a wide variety of weapons seminars from Iai, Jo, Naginata and Tan Bo. Open hand seminars including Aikido, Ju-Jitsi and Karate.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it was great meeting up with Fujii Sensei and Brian Ford Sensei again.

For those that missed this one their will be others organised in the coming year, with one possibly being hosted further north...

More info to come...

Up Coming courses

Just a quick up date on the up coming courses....

Aug 2011 - Ptlls Level 3. Names are being taken for the course being run toward the end of August 2011. This course is open to anyone, including non members of the SBA. Places are limited with 6 delegates already in place. This course will count towards SBA instructor certification and current instructor's PDP

Sept 2011 - Level 3 Self-Defence Instructors Course. This course is the only course of it's kind in the UK. It is certified by both the NFPS and Edexcel. Course is open to anyone including non members of the SBA. This course will count towards SBA instructor certification and current instructor's PDP

Sept 2011 - 3 Day FAW. This qualification is recognised by the HSE and open to anyone including non members of the SBA. This course will count towards SBA instructor certification and current instructor's PDP

Sept 2011 - 2 day course includes Iaido, Karate, Kobudo, Aikido, Kendo, This course is closed to non-members of the SBA or Ken sei kai - Scotland. For registration details contact club instructors.

Oct 2011 - Wing Chun level 1 instructors course. The course will be  run by the SBA in association with the Chinese Kung Fu Organisation, all assessments to be carried out by Master Tong Liu (Chief Instructor and Founder of CKO). As this course counts towards SBA instructor certification and current instructor's PDP, it is restricted to current SBA members only.

For further details on these courses, contact your club instructor or Sensei Gavin... 

Scottish Grapple Challenge, 12th June 2011

Sensei Gavin and Martin traveled down to Kilmarnock on Sunday the 12th of June. Martin was entered in the Scottish Grapple Challenge. Due to lack of competition Martin was bumped up to a higher weight class. Although at a major disadvantage he still place 3rd... Well done

April - continued

April - second week in april saw us travelling to Exeter and the British Kenpo Karate Union. On the saturday we taught a sports first aid course for charity, Mr Mills is doing a sponsored walk on behalf of the British Heart Foundation. I will add a link at the bottom  if anyone wishes to donate..

Sunday was the BKKU gradings, I was invited to sit on the panel as a guest instructor and Martin was used as an Uke through the day. Well done to all the Kenpo students for their hard work and effort and thank you for allowing us to take part. Also a big thank you to Mr and Mrs Mills for their hospitality throughout the weekend. Finally a big whoop to the staff and customers of the Post Inn in Whindon who made our friday complete.... 

British Heart Foundation - donate to charity and raise funds online - The Mills' Walk the Inca Trail

Quiet online, but a busy month for the association.. continued

April -  April has started off as a busy month, the first weekend was a trip to Sunderland for the Fujii Sensei Course, hosted by Sensei Ford. It was good to see so many travel to represent the association, rather than the poor turn out we have had in the past. It was a fantastic course and looks like going from strength to strength. It looks like the invitational method keeps the eveny friendly with no egos present. On the Sunday afternoon, Fujii Sensei held the Ken Sei Kai (North of England and Scotland) gradings/assesments. As usual I was very proud of my students and their attitude. well done to the following -

Martin Hutchison (2nd Kyu)

Wayne Werfel (4th Kyu), Emma Robertson (4th Kyu)

Lewis Macleod (5th Kyu), Craig Macdonald (5th Kyu), David Sutherland (5th Kyu), Stewart Milburn (5th Kyu)

Anthony McSweenie (6th Kyu)

Emma was also received a Samurai award from Fujii Sensei for her improvement, 

well done to everyone.... Sensei Gavin

Quiet online, but a busy month for the association.. lets start with March

Well folks it's been a little while since I've posted anything on the blog, so let me up date you on whats been happening....

March - march saw me travelling down to Lilleshall, National Sports Centre. For those that don't know Lilleshall is the home for Sport England and the training centre for many of the olympic teams. I was down as I had to re-certificate all my instructors qualification. These aren't just issued once and last forever, they are re-assessed every year and all law modules need to be refreshed annually to remain current. I also completed my newest qualification (the new Edexcel award in self-defence Instruction), this will allow me to teach my first level 3 award (the Level 3 advanced award in Self-defence Instruction). At last there is a formallly accreditted award and not just an in-house course that is issued when your a black belt. Another first in the Highlands for the association....

Grappling Courses 2011

As a association we are very lucky to have met the instructors we have met. It has opened the door to many excellent courses. We have 3 such courses this year....

Ken Shamrock 4th March - Ken Shamrock is an MMA fighter, a UFC Hall of Famer and also a professional wrestler.One of the biggest stars in the history of mixed martial arts, headlining over 15 main events and co-main events in the Ultimate Fighting Championship and Pride Fighting Championships.

Royce Gracie 27th May - Mr Royce Gracie, Brazilian professional Mixed Martial Artist, a UFC Hall of Famer and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. A legend and pioneer in the sport of mixed martial arts, He is widely considered to be the most influential figure in the history of modern MMA.

Oleg Malko (date tbc) – Sensei has trainined in Kyokushinkai karate (including the famous 100 man sparring), judo, ju jitsu, sambo, grecco-wrestling and other arts. He is the current grappling world champion of the World Firefighters Games.

If you are interested in any of these courses please let me know .... Sensei Gavin

New HSE recognised qualifications for the association...

We have been working hard over the last year, mostly behind the scenes, to bring in externally accredited courses and qualifications for our students.

We now have courses running in:

Wing Chun accredited by Sifu Tong Liu of the Chinese Kung Fu Organisation.

Iaido under Fujii Sensei and the Ken Sei Kai

Kobudo under Sensei Brian Ford.

Professional qualifications in Conflict Management, Security and Physical Intervention issued by Edexcel.

The latest string to the associations bow is the granting of licensed centre status to deliver First Aid Qualifications.

Courses now available include:-

First Aid at Work

Emergency First Aid at Work

Paediatric First Aid

Sports First Aid

We will be bringing other qualifications into the association over the coming months, so keep checking the site.

Anyone interested in attending courses please contact Sensei Gavin.

New Year, New Courses

Hey folks,
just a quick heads up for an event we have been invited to...

Sensei Brian Ford of the Ken Sei Kai Dojo's is running a grappling course in Sunderland. His guest instructor for the event will be Sensei Oleg Malko.

Sensei Malko has trainined in Kyokushinkai karate (including the famous 100 man sparring), judo, ju jitsu, sambo, grecco-wrestling and other arts. He is the current grappling world champion of the World Firefighters Games.

We have no dates for the course yet, but if you are interested please let me know.... Sensei Gavin

Xmas get together..

It was suggested that we all get together and have an association night out. Due to the busy xmas period and the commitments we all had, it was decided that tues 4th Jan would be a good date. We will be starting at lunchtime (12pm) in the Exchange on Academy Street, Inverness. Text updates will be available through out the afternoon and evening providing our location for those who wish to catch up. Look forward to seeing you there....Sensei Gavin

update for Vegas trip

Today is the day I am registering for the early bird discount, as I reminded everyone at the last classes of the year. I need to have forms and money by 10pm this evening. Anyone not registered by then will have to pay the course fee's as listed on the Tracy Website. If you need anymore info please contact me asap... Sensei Gavin

winter gradings, sun 19th dec 2010

We are sorry to announce that, due to the extreme weather conditions, we have had to cancel the gradings for this weekend. With so many students travelling from outside the town and with temperatures going to be falling so low, it was safer to put back the gradings. We hope that we can get a weekend towards the end of Jan 2011...

Classes should be on as usual next week..........Sensei Gavin.

Courses in 2011...

The association has a number of dates for next year for any students interested -

April - Iaido seminar, sunderland

May - 7 day, Multi-style seminar, Greece

June - SBA Summer course, Inverness

July - BKKU Summer Camp, Weybridge, Surrey

August - Gathering of Eagles, Las Vegas

We are also looking at running courses in Wing Chun, Grappling, First Aid, Door Supervision and Close Protection ( these will depend on interest and availability)

For further details on courses or to register an interest, please contact Sensei Gavin.

New Kempo class....

The association is proud to announce a new Kempo class opening at the Forge Gym, Inverness.

Classes will be on 7-8 Wed nights (class times can be extended if demand is greater than expected), starting on the 12th Jan 2011. cost £3 for the hour. Insurance will be covered by the association licence as usual.

This takes us to 6 classes a week, so no excuses for not training.....


Iaido course and competition, Sunderland

Congratulations to Martin Hutchison and Sensei Mitchell, the guys competed in their first Iaido competition. Martin took first place and Sensei Mitchell took second. Well done guys. Picture are on Facebook.

 We would like to congratulate Sensei Gavin, Sensei Mitchell, Martin and Emma who all passed their grades under Fujii Sensei on the Sunday.

Dates are being organised for the next one.....

xmas class times and grading....

Dalneigh classes will be closing on thursday 2nd dec and will re-open on thurs 6th Jan 2011. This is due to the scouts using the hall for the christmas scout post.

Kiltarlity will close on Mon 20th dec and re-opens on mon 10th jan 2011.

Fortrose class will close on Tues 21st dec and re-opens 11th Jan 2011.

Kingsmills class will close on Tues 21st dec and re-open on 11th Jan 2011.

The association's Winter Gradings will be held on Sun 19th Dec at the Kingsmills Dojo. Gradings start at 10 am, sharp.

Please make sure your insurance is up to date and that you have all the equipment needed, before the grading.

We cannot allow anyone to grade who is not insured or missing equipment as this would breach health and safety. 

Please remember that registration for GoE 2011 is due soon, all forms and money to Sensei Gavin by 29th Dec 2010. This will allow Sensei to contact GM Tracy with group numbers. for more info contact sensei Gavin or look at 

Iaido Course , 4-5th Dec 2010

Sensei Brian Ford is holding his second Iaido seminar in Sunderland. Sensei Gavin, Sensei Mitchell, Sensei Werfel, Martin and Emma are all heading south to train with Sensei  Fujii. There are still a few places available if anyone is interested. contact Sensei Gavin for details.

New Combat Wing Chun Instructors

The association is pleased to announce that the following members have passed their Combat Wing Chun Instructors Course - Level 1.

Stuart Gavin

Alan Mitchell

Wayne Werfel

M.J. Hutchison

Lewis Macleod

Anthony McSweenie

The course was run by the SBA in association with the Chinese Kung Fu Organisation, assessments were carried out by Master Tong Liu (Chief Instructor and Founder of CKO). It was a pleasure hosting an instructor of Master Tong's experience and ability, we look forward to seeing him again soon.

Anyone interested in attending the next instructors course please contact Sensei Gavin.

GoE 2011 in Las Vegas

Next month (31st Dec) is the closing of the early bookings discount, we need to have booking forms and mony in to Sensei Gavin in time for the due date. Anyone wishing to travel with the association should be organising holidays soon.

Wing Chun Seminars

Master Tong Liu will be holding 4 Wing Chun seminars in Inverness on 13-14th Nov, 20-21st Nov 2010. This will count towards certification for SBA level 1 Wing Chun instructor.

Seminar times are:  registration - 9.30   start -10am,  finish -  6pm (approx) at the Kingsmills Dojo, Inverness.

For those that don't know Master Tong, he is the head of the Chinese Kung Fu Organisation.

The CKO teaches the complete and original syllabus of Kung Fu. You will also learn the ‘The Four Basic Principles’ pioneered by Master Tong himself.

So what is Wing chun?

The Wing Chun system of martial arts was developed in southern China approx. 250-300 years ago.

During the reign of Emperor K'anghsi of the Ching Dynasty (1662-1722), the Shaolin monastery called Siu Lam of Mt. Sung, in the Honan province, had become very powerful through Kung Fu training. The Manchurian government was afraid of an uprising and sent troops to destroy the Siu Lam. However, it was internal treachery that sealed the fate of the monastery, with traitorous monks setting it alight. Only a handful of monks managed to escape the onslaught of the Manchurian army. Ng Mui, a Buddhist Nun and Grand master of Sui Lam Kung Fu and the creator of the Wing Chun system was one of them. Ng Mui later developed a system of Kung Fu designed to overcome the Sui Lam systems of the Manchurian army.

Her ideas of a close quarter combat were totally different from the Sui Lam systems of that time. She discarded many of the old traditions, which often required years of dedicated practice at each stage, and started to develop this new system based on the principles of winning at all costs, using speed and subtlety to overcome an opponents' natural advantages. Her system, as yet unnamed had less stress on muscular strength (lik), bone conditioning, or muscular flexibility. The emphasis lay in sudden contraction and relaxation (ging) causing one to explode into action with natural weapons such as finger jabs to the eyes, elbow strikes to face and the powerful use of the knees and feet to the opponents lower body.

BKKU summer camp (July 8-12)

The association has received an invitation to the BKKU summer camp. We haven't got an instructor list yet but looking back at previous events, it looks to be a fun weekend away.

Check out the BKKU site for details - Summer Camp .

If anyone is interested please let your club instructor know asap, so we can get the ball rolling...

Small 3-4 hour course, turns into a 7 hour master class.

I first Met Kevin Mills at a   martial arts show in birmingham in may 2010. He taught a 1 hour taster seminar (for free), then he spent nearly 3 hours giving us an insight into his kenpo. He also   introduced us to Mr Ed Parker jr. a genuine gentleman who we look forward to meeting again.

  Kevin came across as a man I thought my students should meet. So we talked him into travelling north to see us, no mean feat as it is nearly 1200 miles round trip (his wife Jenni fancied a road trip lol).

  When we originally booked   Kevin to come and teach for the SBA, we had discussed a fee for a 3 to 4 hour class covering   the concepts behind   his SL4 Kenpo system. I was really looking forward to this as I had no idea about SL4, I was not disappointed.

So sat 23rd oct saw us get a small insight into the concepts of SL4 and body mechanics, the 3 hour seminar turned into a 7 hour master class. The size of the class was just right, giving Kevin the chance to work with everyone individually. His relaxed teaching style, good   humour and grasp of NLP, made difficult concepts easy to pick up. Even people who had never seen Kenpo before got a lot out of it.

His Uke for the day was Jenni (his wife). Jenni has a cracking teaching style, full of patience, which will make children flock to her. Emma (my daughter) didn't want her to go lol.

Kevin   has an indepth knowledge of Kenpo principles which could be applied to most arts and I would have no doubts about recommending him for any event.

We look forward to hosting Kevin and Jenni again soon..... Sensei Gavin

Kevin Mills Course, 23rd Oct 2010, Inverness

Mr Mills is conducting a seminar for the SBA on Sat 23rd of October at the Kingsmills Scout Hut, Inverness. Registration is 9.30 am, Seminar starts at 10am and finishes at 4pm. Cost - Adult £30 , Juniors £20.

For those that haven't heard of him, Mr Mills holds an 8th Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo and is the Head and Chief Instructor of the British Kenpo Karate Union , He also holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt in SubLevel Four Kenpo under Dr Ron Chapel. He is an author for many magazines, including Martial Arts Illustrated , and to date has released 6 DVD's on Rapid Combatives and Kenpo Technique.

Mr Mills also teaches MMA at their fully equipped and matted Martial Arts Studio in Exeter.

For more info and to reserve a place contact Sensei Gavin on 07814376089 or email

Updated Events.....

25th sept - BJJ comp, Glasgow

3rd Oct - Fun run, Inverness

23rd Oct - Kevin Mills Seminar, Inverness

31st Oct - Luta Livre Comp, Liverpool

13-14th Nov - Master Tong Liu seminar, Inverness

20-21st Nov - Master Tong Liu seminar, Inverness

3-5 Dec - Fuiji Sensei Seminar, Sunderland

for further details of upcoming events, please speak to your class instructor.

Master Tong Liu seminar dates 13-14th, 20-21st November

Dates have finally been confirmed for the upcoming Wing Chun seminars with Master Tong Liu. These seminars will be held over the weekends of the 13-14th and 20-21st November 2010. Unfortunately, due to their content and duration, they will only be open to adults. Venue is to be confirmed. Places will be limited and on a first come first served basis.To register an interest contact Sensei Gavin.

A long Long weekend....

Sensei Gavin, Sensei Mitchell, Sensei Werfel and Martin headed south for a weekend of seminars and competition.

Martin competed in the second Luta Livre competition, he lost in the final by 2 points at the end of a marathon 12 minute match to Tony "Maloney" Tarleton (Team Kaobon) who not only won his weight division but the open division too. Well done Martin.

Full results  -

We also got a 3 hour close door session with Wing Chun instructor  Master Tong Liu. Outstanding technique and hand speed. definately someone to train with if you have the chance ...... (watch this space)

The weekend was finished off in style with a visit to Sensei  Kevin Slaney's dojo in Inverkeithing. Sensei Gavin taught an impromptu knife seminar which everyone enjoyed. the evening finished on the usual note with a beer. We would like to thank Sensei Slaney and his students for their hospitality. Lokking forward to the next one..... Sensei Gavin

GOE 2011 update

We need to look at booking in with the course organisers to get the early bird discounts. Please note we have to register and pay by the 31st Dec 2010. Course fee's are as follows

early bird special:
 Oct 1, 2010 -- Dec. 31 2010 $175
Jan 1, 2011 - March 31, 2011 -$200
April 1, 2011 - JULY 31, 2011 - $225
After Aug 1, 2011 and at the door - $250

Contact Sensei Gavin to register.

Up coming events...

19th Sept - Luta Livre Competition, Liverpool, contact Sensei Gavin or Martin for details

3rd Oct - Baxters Fun Run, Inverness. Sponsor forms available now. contact club instructor

23rd Oct - Kevin Mills Kenpo Seminar, Inverness. Limited number of places available for this course, contact Sensei Gavin to book.

Master Tong Lui is travelling from his home in Liverpool to give seminars in Inverness, for the SBA. There are still some places available for those interested in doing Wing Chun with Master Tong Liu, unfortunately due to content these seminars are restricted to adults only.

Thanks for a great course.....

I would just like to thank everyone who took part at this weekends course in Inverness. As usual the instructors were outstanding and their quality was there for all to see. Thanks also to the students who took time to attend, hopefully the time wasn't wasted. We have already had enquires about the next one and who will be teaching, but as 2011 is very busy we'll need to sit down and look at dates.

Thanks again folks, I enjoyed every minute..... Sensei Gavin

Seminar news....

As you may have heard on local and nation news, Culloden Academy was on fire this week. The School has re-opened today (thursday) and so there are no changes to seminar plans for the weekend.

See you all on Saturday morning.......  Sensei Gavin

New Grappling classes at Dalneigh 26.08.10

New grappling classes have been added, starting on the 26th aug 2010. These will be run on thursday nights 6-7 pm at the Dalneigh Scout Hut.

Classes will be £3 for 1 hour class and will be covered by standard insurance under the SBA licence.

There will be 3 main class groups, novice, intermediate and advanced. Please note beginners or Non-SBA members must attend the novice class first before progression to other classes. This is for safety reasons and to assess your abilities. 

We look forward to seeing everyone there......

Sensei Ford Update....

Well we are all back, safe and sound. No injuries and a great time had by all.

We managed a grand total of 1000 Kote Gaeshi (wrist throws) and 2000 kicks (into a kick shield) not bad for 5 of us lol. The total for the day was 10,000 thows and 10,000 kicks. We don't have a total for the cash raised yet but will post it once we have a final total.

I have to say I was very proud of the guys who travelled down to represent the association.

Thanks for the effort guys, hopefully more people will get involved next year ...... Sensei Gavin

Update on events.....

The association is very busy over the next few months -

13-15th August - Sunderland trip and charity event

28-29th August - SBA Summer course, Inverness

19th Sept - Luta Livre Competition, Liverpool,

3rd Oct - Baxters Fun Run, Inverness

23rd Oct - Kevin Mills Kenpo Seminar, Inverness

Also in the pipeline is a set of Wing Chun seminars with Master Tong Liu  , Seminars are limited numbers so please register interest asasp with club instructors. Sorry but Adults only.

Sensei Ford's charity events

Sensei Gavin, Sensei Mitchell, Sensei Werfel, Martin and Craig are heading down to represent the SBA at Sensei Brian Ford's charity event. Sensei Ford is raising money for Cancer Research UK. The association is always keen to take part in events for charity so good luck guys....

Please remember the association is entering a team in the Baxter's fun run in october, so if you wish to take part give your name to your club instructor (parents are invited to take part too lol).

Fortrose classes

Good news for all the students who attend the Fortrose class, following discussions with Ian Goode (centre manager), the class will coninue as usual 6-8pm every tuesday. The class let fee's had been reviewed in line with targets issued by Highland Council. I would like to thank Mr Goode and all his staff for putting our concerns to rest, we appreciate your time and effort on a weekly basis.

See you all at class as usual..... Sensei Gavin

New Grappling classes!!

Due to popular demand the Association is looking into running a specialist grappling class. We have a couple of nights/venues in mind but feed back would be appreciated.

This "basic" class will cover in depth the skill set needed for competing in "No Gi" grappling competitions, as well as submission fighting and the Luta Livre. This will include Mounts, Holds, Escapes and Locks.

For throws and takedowns we will be doing and advanced class.

The class will be covered by the standard association licence fee's so no extra insurance needed for members.

Class fee's are £4 per class

Classes will be open to Association members and beginners, unfortunately Adults only.

For further details or to register an interest contact Sensei Gavin.

Luta Livre & Grappling Competition, Official Results.

As you will know, Martin and Sensei Gavin travelled down to the first ever British Luta Livre Competition on the 25th of july 2010. It was held in the gym of Team Kaobon , Liverpool and had fighters representing many of the top clubs/gyms in Britain. Head referee was Marcelo Brigadeiro.

Martin competed in the under 99kg section and came 3rd, being beaten by Tony "Maloney" Tarleton (Team Kaobon), who wemt on to take 1st place. It was a cracking competiton and well run. Hopefully we can enter more guys/girls next time (19th september 2010), anyone interested talk to Sensei Gavin for more details.

Well done Martin.

For full results click here

A busy time for the association....

As it is the summer there are lots of events on....

17th July - First Aid course, Catterick

18th july - Knife and Edged Weapons course, Catterick

25th July - Grappling competition, Liverpool

13-15th August - Sunderland trip and charity event

28-29th - SBA Summer course, Inverness

The SBA is also proud to announce the visit of Mr Kevin Mills (8th Dan) to Inverness. Mr Mills will be teaching a seminar on Kenpo and Sublevel 4 on Saturday the 23rd of October.

Mr Mills is Head Instructor of the British Kenpo Karate Union and European Director of SL4 . For those that don't know the BKKU is the driving force behind American Kenpo in the UK and has been since its formation in 1981. 

He has also produced a range of RAPID IMPACT COMBATIVES DVD's.

Further details of seminar very soon.....


Shop Update

The shop section of the web site has been updated.

There are a selection of new products available, including new t-shirts. All items in our shop can be ordered by emailing Sensei Gavin or through the club instructors. Hopefully their will be a stall with t-shirts etc at the upcoming SBA summer course. 

Summer Holidays 2010

The summer holidays are upon us again, please note that classes continue as usual throughout the holidays.

We have several events coming up so please check the events page.

Sensei Brian Ford's Charity Event

Sensei Brian Ford is holding a sponsored charity   event in aid of cancer research. As usual the SBA will be getting involved. It will be held in Sunderland on Sunday 15th of August 2010.

Sensei Ford will be fighting 100 kendo matches, while other styles will be doing their own challenges.The SBA will be   doing sponsored throws.

Club instructors will be passing out sponsorship forms for anyone wishing to take part. If you cannot make the trip please sponsor this worthwhile event.

Any businesses wish to make a donation please contact Sensei Gavin.

GOE 2011

Following on from the club attending GOE 2009 in chicago, it has been decided that we will travel to the GOE 2011 in Las Vegas.

    -    Las Vegas  -  -

 Aug 4 (Thur), 5 (Fri), 6 (Sat.) 2011
The Orleans Hotel

 Gathering of Eagles is a three day event with over 75 seminars.

The Kenpo Hall of Fame is a separate event, held at the finish of The Gathering of Eagles. You may also attend the Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony, which will start at 6:00pm Saturday, Aug. 6 2011 
The Hall of Fame Awards are presented at the "Awards Ceremony!"
Early early bird special:
 Oct 1, 2010 -- Dec. 31 2010 $175
Jan 1, 2011 - March 31, 2011 -$200
April 1, 2011 - JULY 31, 2011 - $225
After Aug 1, 2011 and at the door - $250

New Insurance costs...

Unfortunately, due to increases in our premiums, we will have to put up the cost of licences this year.

This will come into effect from the policy renewal on the 6th of June 2010. The revised   prices are Adult £30, Juniors £25 and Basic Instructors £85.

Please note that all our instructors pay their own insurance costs and that they do not take these fees from their club.   Under the new policy, if instructor's insurance expires or instructor is no longer with the association their students insurance immediately terminates and would need to be renewed along with their instructors before training can be resumed. For further info contact Sensei Gavin

Martial Arts Festival, Birmingham

Alan, Martin and myself travelled south at the weekend to attend a martial arts show. For a full list of instructors and stalls look in combat magazine.

It was held at the Birmingham NEC. During the show we had the honour of meeting two legends in Kenpo circles, Kevin Mills and Ed Parker Jr. They spent hours with us, talking and demonstrating techniques. Mr Mills has a different take on tradition American Kenpo, called Sub level 4.

Mr Parker told us about his growing up with Kenpo. This changed his vision and application of his fathers art. He is a fantastic artist, his drawings were breath taking. We learned a lot from both and hope to bring them north in the not to distant future. Thanks to both Mr Mills and Mr Parker for spending so much time with us....

Sensei Gavin

Scottish Budo Association Summer Course 2010

The SBA are organising a course for the weekend of the 28-29th August 2010 in Inverness.

The instructor list for this year is:-

Sensei Brian Ford

Sensei Ford is a world class weapons instructor, holding Dan grades in Karate, Ju-Jitsu, Kendo, Iaido. Sensei is also a   specialist in kata applications.

Sensei Kevin Slaney

Sensei Slaney is regular guest instructor for the association and a   must for anyone with an interest in Karate and it's application

Sensei Ady Tredwell

Sensei Tredwell is another regular instructor   on our courses, holding Dan grades in Kempo and Ju-Jitsu.

Sensei Karl Grubis

Sensei Grubis teaches   classical   Goshin Ryu Ju-Jitsu and is a senior member of the association.

Master Richard Diston

This is Master Diston first SBA course. He is a multi-disciplined instructor who has been an International Military Combatives and Defensive Tactics Instructor for many years.

As usual the course is open to all martial artists regardless of rank or style. It will be held over two days with several mat areas running at once.

Prices are Adults - £25 per Day or £40 for weekend, Juniors (15 and Under) - £20 per day or £30 for weekend.

For more details or early registration contact - Sensei Gavin

site update

We are in the process of updating the site, this will include-

Updated instructor profiles

New Association website

Updated seminars page (this will take time so please be patient as some of the info needs to be confirmed)


If you have any picture that you would like put up on the new website, please forward to Sensei Gavin.

Brian Ford Sensei and Fuji Sensei

As you may remember Sensei Mitchell, Sensei Werfel, Martin and myself were away at a course this weekend. Ford Sensei had a small surprise for us though, we got to sit a grade in Iaido under Fuji Sensei. Congratulations to all those that graded over the weekend. Well done guys!!

I would like to thank Ford Sensei for inviting us and Fuji Sensei for spending so much of his time with us. We will hopefully be organising a course in Inverness soon, but if not we will be travelling south to courses in the future.... Sensei Gavin


Sensei Ford Course - kingsmills closed on 30th march

Sensei Brian Ford is holding an invitation only seminar in Sunderland, so Kingsmills class will be closed on Tues 30th March as Sensei Mitchell is heading south with Sensei Gavin to train with Sensei  Ford. For those that haven't met Sensei Ford he is one of ( if not THE) best weapons instructors in Europe.

Sensei Werfel and Sensei Madden will take the other classes as usual.

New qualifications for Association

Some of you may have noticed Sensei Gavin missing from some of the class over the last few months. Well he has been away studying for formal qualifications in Teaching. Sensei travelled back and forth to the Lilleshall National Sports Centre in Shropshire. This is the base for Sport England and many of the olympic squads. He studied NLP Training and Advance Coaching methods and is now qualified to PTLLS Level 4.

This means that The Scottish Budo Association can now award students in formal qualifications rather than just in-house grades. These qualifications are accredited and as such can be used on CV's and job applications and are recognised as further education. They also fit into a framework that will allow students to progress through to Degree level qualification.

For more info about these courses and qualifications contact your club instructor.


New Class added in Kiltarlity....

As of Monday the 14th Sept 2009 the Scottish Budo Association will have Kempo classes in Kiltarlity.

Classes will be held every monday night from 7 - 9pm, this class is for ages 7 and over.

Adults £4.50 Juniors £3, as usual first class is free.

Instructors - Sensei Gavin (3rd Dan) and Sensei Werfel (1st Dan)

Anyone attending with grades issued by a recognised association will be honored, on checking of students licence and/or grading certificates by class instructor. We are afraid that any insurance provided by other associations will not be valid.

Progression to next grade will require knowledge of our system including all techniques upto and including current grade.

For more info contact Sensei Gavin



New Class times at Fortrose

Due to changes at the centre we are able to change class times to the following

Kids 6-8pm Adults 6-9.  This comes into effect from Tuesday 28th July 2009

Seminar update,

Goe 2009

The Trip to chicago was a great success, with many new friends made and old friendships renewed. We are already in the planning stages for the next one (2011). Definitely the trip of a lifetime.

Seifukujitsu, the art of Japanese physical medicine

Following on from the Gathering of Eagles, the association will be running a set of seminars on healing and massage. These are based round the course run by Ted Sumner (9th Dan), we are luck enough to have one on Master Sumner's students visiting us from the states for a month. Seminars will take place from Sunday 16th - 23rd August. The full course is available on DVD or DVD with manual. Contact club instructor or Sensei Gavin for details. Please order soon as course content will have to be ordered from the states.

Text Updates

The association is now running a text update service. This will let you know about website updates, news, seminars and class info changes. The service is free just text Sensei Gavin on 07814 376 089.

Gathering Of Eagles 2009

Sensei Gavin is teaching at Grand Master Al Tracy's seminar in Chicago ( )
This means that there will be some changes to classes over the next couple of weeks.

Kingsmills classes - closed on 22nd and 29th June , re-opens on 7th July

Fortrose -  open as usual with Sensei Werfel, 7-9pm

Dalneigh - open as usual with Sensei Werfel, 7-9pm

All classes will run through out summer holidays with no breaks.



Seminar News

There have been some updates for seminars over the last week -

23rd May - Inverness , Chris Crudelli course. 9.45am-1pm, Raigmore community centre, £40. Tickets have to be purchased in advance from course organiser. Contact club instructors for details.

24th May - Jarrow, Chris Crudelli course. 1pm-5pm, cost £40. Tickets have to be purchased in advance from course organiser. Contact club instructors for details.

6-7th June - Scottish Budo Association Summer Course, Culloden Academy, Inverness, 9.30am - 5pm Cost Adults £25 per day or £40 for both, Kids £15 per day or £25 for both.

23rd-30th June - Chicago , GOE 2009. Sensei Gavin is teaching at Grand Master Tracy's Gathering of Eagles. Course details from club instructors. This will effect both gradings and classes, more info closer to time.

21st Nov - Jarrow, Kick Cancer 2009, Details to be confirmed.


Seminars in 2009

Well it is January again, so that means planning for this years seminars. On the seminar page we have outlined dates for the is year so far. Most of the events are still waiting to be confirmed. info will be put out as it comes in.

If there are any seminars you particularly want to attend let your club instructor know and we'll see what we can do.

If you are a visitor to this site and want your even added please email Sensei Gavin (

Combat Ceilidh 2008

Details are now available for the above seminar. 

It is open to any style and grade.

Those wishing to attend please give your names to your club instructor asap so we can arrange transport.

Check out poster at:-

Lochness Fun Run 2008

On Sun 4th of Oct, Four members of the club (Sensei Mitchell, Wayne, Katy and Malky) ran in the 5km Fun run. Between them the raised over £500, well done guys and girls. Pictures will be posted when we get them.

Fun Run 2008

Entry to the Baxters River Ness 5K Fun Run is now closed, however it is still possible to enter the 5K Fun Run over race weekend.

Pre-race Registration at Inverness Queens Park Stadium (in marquee), Bught Park, Inverness, on Saturday 4th 15.00-20.00.

Good luck to all those who are running...

Beginners classes

Beginners classes are starting on Tues 30th Sept at both Kingsmills and Fortrose Dojo's and at Dalneigh on the 2nd of Oct. These are open to adults and juniors over the age of 7, first class is free so why not give it a try.

We hope to see you soon.....

September Gradings

Gradings will be held on Sat 27th Sept at the Kingsmills Dojo.

Starting prompt 11.00 arrive early to warm up.

Please make sure you have your Licence and insurance up to date. Forms are available from club instructors.

Good luck.

November courses

1st November 2008

Scottish Budo Association will holding a 1 day course on the1st of November at Culloden Academy, Inverness.

Full list of instructors and training times will be posted as soon as details have been confirmed.

22nd November 2008

The Combat Ceilidh is to be held again this year in Dunfermline on the 22nd Nov.

Instructors include-

Shihan Billy Doak 8th Dan Ju-Jitsu/4th Dan Judo

Sensei Kevin Slaney 4th Dan Shotokan

Sensei Stuart Gavin 3rd Dan Kempo

Sensei John Smith 2nd Dan Ju-Jitsu

More details to follow



Kingsmills Class

The tuesday class at Kingsmills is due to restart on the 26th of August after the summer break.

The next gradings will be held on Sat 27th of September at the Kingsmills Dojo.

A newsletter will be going out to all students and parents detailing changes to club rules, insurance and gradings. Please make sure you get a copy for the club instuctor. 

We are Back!!

Well after a small mishap with the laptop, we are glad to be able to post again.

So what have we missed?

The S.B.A. Summer course was outstanding, many thanks to all the instructors who travelled so far to teach for us. We are worried now about how to make next years bigger and better, possibly dancing bears lol.

Congratulations to Sensei Grubis, who took his 4th Dan. He knew nothing of it as Sensei Gavin sponsored him to be assessed my an independent panel of instructors. Not only did he pass with flying colours but was also awarded the title of "Renshi" (polished instructor). Oss Renshi!! 

Kyu gradings were held on Sat 28th June. Congratulations to all that passed, just remember grades get harder each time lol.

Think thats everything up to date.......

Scottish Budo Summer Seminar 14-15th June 2008

The Summer Seminar is only 11 days away, it is open to all martial artists of any grade (including beginners). The seminar was originally going to be split between Culloden on the Saturday and Adults only at Kingsmills on the Sunday. This has been changed due to flight times for instructors. It will be held at Culloden and open for kids both days. registration time is 9am with seminar line up at 9.30. Saturday will finish at 5pm with Sunday finishing at 4pm

Cost for Adult is £25 per day or £40 for both, Kids £15 or £25 for both.

At registration we will take orders for sandwiches for the lunch break and numbers for the after course meal on the Saturday night. This will be a family friendly meal and open to everyone, a cracking way to spend time with the instructors and ask questions lol.

Hope to see you all soon

Sensei Gavin



There is a copy of the Weslh open DVD for all those that took part, these are free as a present for all the hard work you put in. Collect from Sensei Gavin at class.

Site Update

We have added some more events to the seminar page. Please feel free to attend any events listed, they are not restricted to grades and you will be made welcome. It is not the policy of this association to hold students back, if you wish to attend other styles or events out with the association then you are free to do so. Training is about the individual and it would be boring if we were all the same. For contact details of events please see your club instructor.

Welsh Open

It was fantastic result for the club, a total of 18 trophies!!

Congratulations to all that competed.

Special mention for Ryan Rattray, who impressed Hanshi Carslake and Renshi King so much that they made a special presentation to him on the Sunday. Well done Meat Guy !!

So back to class as usual, grading work for June...

Sensei Gavin

Welsh Kempo Open and Seminar

Well it's finally here, the bus will pick us up after class at 10pm at the Dalneigh Dojo.

For those that don't know, there are 16 members of the association travelling to Aberdare in Wales for the Welsh Open. I would like to thank Sandra Rattray for all her help in organising this trip, she saved me a lot of the work.

This means that there will be no Saturday or Kata class this week (10th ) but will resume as normal on Tuesday (13th).

All the best to the team and good luck......           Sensei Gavin

Sat 3rd May Class, Car boot sale update.

Saturday 3rd May class at Kingsmills Dojo will finish early at 1pm, there will be no Kata class.

On Sun 27th April, Sensei Mitchell and a group of students/parents attended the car boot sale at Eden Court. As the club was fund raising the organisers allowed our cars in for free. So a big thanks to them. The guys and girls had a great day for it and raised over £300.

Thanks to everyone who took part, especially the parents and those students that gave up watching the "old firm" game live in the pub. It was all for a good cause.

There are still some raffle tickets available at tuesday and thursday classes from Craig Mackay.

If you have any ideas for fund raising please come forward with them to your class instructor. These funds are used directly to reduce travel costs for students trips away.

Track Suits, Club Ties, Club Badges...

We have a batch of club tracksuits arrived today, please note that these will be the last ones before the Wales trip. So if you want one it's first come first served, see club instructors for details. They cost £35 each

There are still some cobra ties available if anyone wants them, £12 each. These are also available direct from cobra website.

We are awaiting the first batch of club badges, up until now all badges have been embroidered onto the suits. Badges will be free if you buy a new Gi, extra badges will cost £5 each.

Car boot sale

On Sun 27th of April the club will be going to the car boot sale. This is to raise funds for the club.

Anyone wishing to take part please contact Sensei Mitchell, car will be leaving from the Dalneigh Scout Hut at around 8-8.30am.

Please remember that the club is also holding a raffle, tickets are available from Craig. Big thanks to all those who contributed to the prizes (especially Mrs Mackay and the rest of the Mackay family).

It is refreshing to see so many people getting involved with the club, keep up the good work.

Web Shop Updated

Due to student requests the shop page has been updated to include sparring gear (and soon weapons). Please note that all prices include VAT and p&p. Students are reminded that there is no requirement to buy from club instructors or the association. You may source your own equipment, but please check the quality first.

Andy Morell interview

Andy Morell is the president of Cobra Martial Arts Association. Here is an interview with him on the "World Of Martial Arts". If you have any questions about how our club measures up to the standards feel free to talk to the club instructors or contact Sensei Gavin.

Sensei Grubis visit

Sensei Grubis will be attending the Kingsmills Dojo on tuesday the 1st of April.

Spring Gradings

Gradings were held on the 22nd of March at the Kingsmills Dojo, congratulations to all those that passed. Some students were missing due to the holidays, these students will be allowed to sit their grades at class. A list of all students that passed will be posted at a later date.

Welsh Open and Seminar , may 2008

We have a team of 16 going down to represent the association in Wales. Students have been entered for Kata, Kumite, Self-Defence and Grappling.

There are still some spaces left on the bus if you want to travel down and support the team or to train on the Sunday.

Contact club instructors for details....

Change of venue for Thursdays...

From Thursday 27th March 2008 classes will no longer be held at the James Cameron Centre. We have moved round the corner to the Scout Hut at St Mary's Avenue. This will prevent further damage to the mats by other user groups. I would like to thank Jimmy for all his help while we used the James Cameron centre, if other members of staff had his attitude then we would still be there.

See you all at class on Thursday.....

New poster added

New poster added to the events posters of the SBA pages, if you are intersted speak to class instructor

Welsh Open and seminar

There are still some seats left on the bus, if you want to enter the competition then please complete the entry forms and return to club instructors by Sat 22nd of March. If you just wish to train at the seminar there   is a reduced rate.

Remember anyone under 18 needs a guardian/parent, seats on the bus are open to family and friends who want to cheer the team on.

Entry forms , competition rules and seminar details are available from club instructors or email Sensei Gavin.

Gradings Sat 22nd March 2008

Gradings are to be held on Saturday the 22nd of March at the Kingsmills Scout hut. Please remember that registration is from 9.30 with gradings start prompty at 10am. Check your licence is valid and marked up to date if not speak to club instructors. New grading prices are in effect from the 22nd with juniors (7-14 years old ) rising to £10 and seniors (15 and over) rising to £15.

Good luck and see you on Saturday

Saturday 8th March

There will be no classes on sat 8th March due to ths scouts using the hall. Sorry for the short notice but we only found out late thursday night.

Site Updates....

Site has been updated with maps of class locations and a posters page.

Check out the adventures of the great Bouzu  -  (link has been aded to links page)

Renshi Pedro Porem's seminar

We have been invited to the following seminar, anyone interested get more details from class instructors...




Drinking Water....

Drinking water is very important, that is why we have water breaks in class.

For more info on how important water is check out  -

It gives you some fun stuff too

Update of links page

The links page has been updated to include some of the guys we met at the Kick Cancer event. Check out the new sites and catch some footage on you tube  - 

Kick Cancer 2008




Sunday 24th feb saw the club travel to the Kick Cancer   seminar organised by Steve Youngman of Kong Sai Martial Arts. With nearly £1000 raised on the day, it was a great success.

Shop Updated...

New T-shirts added to shop, these are printed with club logo and events that the SBA are attending in 2008.

To order these or any other items from the shop contact your club instructor

Soke McGill Course Update

On Sat 15th March 2008 Soke Mcgill is hosting a seminar in

The Becket sports centre West hill Shepherds lane Dartford in Kent England 01322 280646.

Instructors List:-

Soke Andy McGill 10th Dan Kenpo England

Soke Gunter Bauer 10th Dan Hapkido Cheshire England

Soke Norbert Domrös 9th Jiu-Jitsu Germany

Shihan Martin Rogers 9th Dan Ju-Jutsu Gosport England

Shihan Hugo Bleys 8th Dan Ju-Jitsu Antwerp Belgium

Hanshi John Griffiths 8th Dan Jiu-Jitsu Dartford England

Hanshi Pat O’Malley 8th Dan Rapid Arnis Devon England

Kyoshi Helmut Weigelt 7th Dan Aiki-Jutsu Saalfeld Germany

Shihan Johan Pettersson 6th Dan Ju-Jutsu Malmo Sweden

Kyoshi Rainer Grytt 6th Dan Jiu-Jitsu Twistringen Germany

Renshi Hans Spaan 5th Dan Ju-Jutsu Holland

Sifu Terry Jacobs 5th Dan Kung-Fu/Kickboxing Crayford England

Renshi Chad Foster 5th Dan Jujutsu Denmark

Renshi Nigel Herterich 5th Dan Kenpo/Arnis Dartford England

Renshi Tony Duke 5th Dan Wado-Ryu Karate Swanscombe England

Renshi Janick Dams 4th Dan Ju-Jitsu Antwerp Belgium

Renshi Lucy O’Malley 4th Rapid Arnis Devon England

Renshi Sofia Foster 3rd Dan Jujutsu Denmark

Party evening, 19.00hrs till 23.00hrs a time to make new friends and greet old ones, also includes an evening of fun and frivolity, including Disco and dancing, Karaoke, [compulsory for masters] and a grand raffle. Saturday night Gala evening, Disco and dancing, Karaoke, Buffet, included in the unbeatable price of £20.00p. Special prize raffle!

Tel 01322 278925 Fax 01322 278 948 Rooms two persons to a room £49.95p a night, Three people two a room £59.95p a night including breakfast.

Travel lodge off Charles Street, Crossways Boulevard, Greenhithe, Dartford, Kent. DA9 9AP Tel 01322 387927 Fax 01322 387854

Express Holiday Inn. Tel 01322 210333 Fax 01322 387854. E Mail booking; - Easy book Tel 0800 434 040.

Thistle hotel Brands Hatch Kent. DA3 8PE Tel 0870 333 9128 Fax 0870 333 9228

Contact Soke Andy McGill 07930211708 or Renshi Tony Duke or Sifu Terry Jacobs 07979528392





Welsh Open and Seminar update

The club has been invited to the above event which is taking place in Aberdare in Wales on the 10th and 11th of May 2008. We have looked into running a bus for anyone who wishes to go at a cost of £60 per person. Accommodation is on top but there is a Premiere Travel Inn which is currently £48 per room per night (sleeps up to 2 Adults and 2 Kids under 15).

All students under 18 will require a parent/guardian to travel with them and take responsibility for them during the trip. Seats are available for siblings and other family members who wish to come.

The bus will leave early Friday the 9th and return late Monday the 12th requiring kids to book time off school in advance.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the students as they will be representing Scotland and also get the chance to visit Wales.

If you are interested please give your name and full deposit (£60 per person) to the club instructor by Tues 4th March 2008, seats are on a first come first served basis.

Welsh Open

Sensei Gavin and Sensei Mitchell will be attending the Welsh open and Seminar hosted by Sensei Williams.

If there is enough interest the club may run a bus, so if you want to compete or train at the seminar please let us know. Your family can have a trip to Wales too.....

Kick Cancer 2008

Kick Cancer Charity Event
Sunday 24th February.11 - 5pm
Jarrow Community Centre
Cambrian St.

Fee: £5 to train £5 to spectate

There are travel sheets available from club instructors if you want to make your own way to the seminar. Still got some seats left in your car? Let us know as there are still some people  needing a lift. There will be no Saturday or Kata class on the 23rd.

Sensei Grubis visit and New classes

Sensei Grubis has postponed his visit due to extreme weather warnings that have been issued, he will visit again soon though. Thursday class will be on as usual..

As of the 4th of March 2008 there will be a new class opening on Tuesday night in the Black Isle Leisure Centre, Fortrose. Class is on from 7-9 pm and is open to all students over the age of 7. Sensei Gavin will take the Fortrose class. Kingsmills class will continue as normal with Sensei Mitchell. Anyone wishing details of the new class please ask your class instructor... 

Sensei Grubis visit

Sensei Grubis has left a note on our guestbook and will be at class on the 31st of Jan (car permitting lol). So weapons to the ready!! Any students wishing to buy the weapons set contact your class instructor.


Inverness Area Gang Show

Inverness Area Scout Council have organised their yearly Gang Show for Wed 26th March - Sat 29th of March. As we may well be away at the Uk Championships we have decided to go on Wed the 26th. Adult Tickets are £10 and Concession are £7 (prices vary depending on which night you attend). We have a block price of £7 per ticket for any club members and parents that wish to go.. ask club instructors for details.


2008 Baxters Festival of Running

The club is entering the baxter's 5km fun run. It is being held on Sun 5th of Oct 2008

If you want to join the club team ask your instructor for details or visit their website at:-

Kick Cancer Charity Event

Kick Cancer Charity Event
Sunday 24th February.11 - 5pm
Jarrow Community Centre
Cambrian St.

Fee: £5 to train                £5 to spectate

The following Instructors have volunteered to teach ;

Gary Quinn - 6th Dan Shotokan
Jon Stokoe - 6th Dan Aikido
Fred Minns - 5th Dan Jiu Jitsu
Andy Crittenden -  5th Dan TaeKwonDo
Dave Nicod -  4th Dan Kickboxing
Richy Bevens - 4th Dan Kickboxing
Ricky Fletcher -  3rd Dan Self Defence / Pressure Point
Jason Park - 3rd Dan TaeKwonDo
Stuart Gavin - 3rd Dan Kempo
Geoff Aisbitts - 3rd Dan Aiki Jitsu
Steve East - 3rd Degree Kung Fu
Gary Glover - 2nd Dan Shotokan
John Pickering - 2nd Dan Judo
Christine Jones -  2nd Dan Wado Ryu
Rick Burns -  2nd Dan Tempest Karate
Jamie Ward - 2nd Dan Jiu Jitsu
Phil Doherty -  DFM
Mark Graham - Wing Chun
Steve Hallam -
Ron Gray -
Steve Kurlej - Hoshin Sool
Paul Tennet - Black Sash Northern Mantis
Peter Grufferty - Blue Cord Capoiera

There are a couple of cars going so anyone who would like to go please contact club instructor.

Renshi Pedro Porem Seminar, Portugal

Renshi Pedro Porem has invited us to his seminar in Arruda dos Vinhos, Potugal  on the 31st May - 1st June 2008.

Teaching at the seminar will be:-

 Prof. James Muro

 Prof. George Lim & Patrice Lim

 Prof. Russ coelho

 Dr. Gooman

Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu ( Soke Bauer Lua`s teacher and Honorary CQCS Master).

More details to follow....

Spirit Combat Seminar

Seminar on Aikido at SCI  Worcester dojo, Sport Martley, Martley, Nr Worcester.
23rd of February, 2008, 12:00-17:00

Master Peter Jones 4th Dan, Spirit Combat Instructor of the Year, 2007
Jim Cockram 2nd Dan, Spirit Combat Uke of the Year, 2007
£20 per head.

for more info contact Sensei Gavin

A New Year...

Happy New Year to one and all, classes will resume on Tues 8th Jan 2008 at the Kingsmills Scout hut.

This is the perfect time of year for starting Kempo, so if you have any friends who are interested bring them along. It isn't that long til March and the first gradings of the year.

The Shop page has been updated with some new stock, please order through your club instructor..

See you on the 8th....

SBA Summer Seminar info packs

Pre-register (£10 per person deposit non-refundable) and get an info pack including :-

Flight details from most major airports in UK
(cost of flights correct at time of printing only lol)

Hotels and B&B's

Taxi Numbers

Take-Away Details

Travel directions to the venues (updated when hotel booked) from your home address if driving.

Fire safety rules and layout of venue

course timetable and instructor info.

Certificate of participation signed by course instructors
(presented at course)

Photo disc of seminar
(presented at course)

Local tourist attractions and points of interest

for more details

Gradings and Xmas break

Congratulations to all those who passed their grades on the 22nd, hope you asked Santa for a new belt!!

Club is closed over the Xmas break, with the classes re-opening on the 8th of Jan 2008.

Please note that the gradings in March have been brought forward to the 22nd, this is to allow some of the students to travel to the UK Invitational on the 29th. If you wish to compete please contact the your club instructor early in the New Year.

Sensei Gavin and Sensei Mitchell are attending the welsh open and seminar weekend in May. if you wish to go please book soon as cost of flights is going up daily...

Hope you have a very merry Christmas.

See you all in the New Year

Site Update..

Shop has been updated with Scottish Budo Association merchandise, order through class instructors.

more to be added soon....

Scottish Budo Association pages have been added.

Scottish Budo Association Course

Scottish Budo Association - Summer 2008

Sat 14th June at Culloden Academy, Inverness
9.30 registration, 10.00 Seminar, 16.00 Close 19.00 Meal

Teaching will be:-
Soke Gunter Bauer 10th Dan (Close Quarter Combat, Hapkido, Weapons) ttp://
Sifu Bob and Jo Fermor (Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Weapons)
Sensei Kevin Slaney 4th Dan (Shotokan Karate)
Shihan Ben Ledwick 4th Dan (Kempo)
Sensei Karl T. Grubis 3rd Dan (Ju-Jitsu)
Sensei Ady Tredwell 3rd Dan (Jitsu Foundation)
Seminar meal - All adults, kids and parents welcome (venue is childfriendly)
Sun 15th at Kingsmills Scout Hut, Inverness
Adults and Senior Grade Juniors only
9.30 registration, 10.00 seminar, 16.00 Close
10.00-12.00 Sifu Bob Fermor
12.00-14.00 Soke Gunter Bauer
14.00-16.00 Sensei Stuart Gavin

Cost :-   Adults £25 per day or £40 for Both            Kids £15 per day
For all those that pre-register (£10 per person deposit non-refundable)
there will be a full info pack including in:-

Flight details from most major airports (cost of flights correct at time of printing only lol)
Hotels and B&B's,
Taxi Numbers
Take-Away Details
Travel directions to the venues (updated when hotel booked) from your home address if driving.
Fire safety rules and layout of venue
Course timetable and instructor info.
Certificate of participation signed by course instructors (presented at course)
Photo disc of seminar (presented at course)
Local tourist attractions and points of interest

For further info email

Christmas break

Last class will be on thursday 20th December 2007.

 Gradings will be held on Sat 22nd Decemeber.

Classes re open on tues 8th Jan 2008.

We hope you have a very merry Xmas and a sober New Year lol...

Scottish Budo Association

As most of you will now know Sensei Gavin has set up the Scottish Budo Association. All club members will receive a licence book and membership. This allows us to bring other clubs and styles on board without disrupting the club set up we have in place. There will be no change to syllabus or grading certificates and it will have no effect on the day to day running of classes. Anyone with any concerns please raise them with your class instructor or Sensei Gavin.

As the Association doesn't have a website up and running yet, there has been a page added to the club site for all the upcoming events. This includes the seminar in June2008 which is already listed.

more details to follow.....

Sifu Bob Fermor's seminar

Sifu Bob Fermor's seminar is going to be held in Hattsfield on the 26th July 2008. It had been provisionally booked on the calendar for May, but Soke Bauer is in Sweden.

Sensei Grubis, Alisha Boyd and Welsh Kempo Association

Couple of things happened this week:-

 Sensei Grubis took time out from his busy teaching schedule to travel north for a weapons seminar. During the seminar Sensei taught Iaido Katas ( sword forms) he also gave indepth instruction on use of the Tonfa and Sai. He is planning a return visit in the new year and has accepted our invitation to teach at the June seminar.

We would like to congratulate Alisha Boyd, Alisha took Sensei Gavin's advice and tried another style to compliment her Kempo. She recently started Judo and has just got her first (of many lol) Judo medal, Well done and keep up the hard work !!

Sensei Gavin has received an invite for the Association to compete at the 2008 Welsh Open (dates to be confirmed). This is being run by the Welsh Kempo Association and Sensei Julie Williams. Many of you will have met Sensei at the Expo in Bedford or at events run by KI in the Highlands. Anyone interested please forward your name to the class instructor.

Seminar Page updated

Several seminars and competitions have been added or updated, including an invite to the UK Championships co-hosted by the BKS more details to come.... 


Seminar page

After many questions from students and parents, we have put a page together with the events for next year.

We are still waiting for Soke Bauer to give us a full list of his 2008 tour, as we know several students are thinking about joining him for Germany and Sweden. Please be patient as many of the courses are still being arranged, more info will be added as and when we get it.

Anyone who wishes to have an event added just email us with all the details...

A busy week indeed!!

Starting with Sat 24th Nov.

Sensei Mitchell, Daryl and Craig took the short drive to Invergordon to train at Sensei Nicholson's Seminar.






The main instructor was Doug Griffith 7th Dan, the guys really enjoyed themselves. Many thanks to Sensei Nicholson for the invite.

Mon 26th Nov. saw us jump in the car for a wee drive to Dunfermline. Sensei Grubis's face was indeed a picture with 10 of us appearing for his class lol. Just like to say thank you to Darren for being punch bag and congrats on the grading!!  As revenge Sensei is planning a trip north for Thurs 6th Dec, we are planning an adults only weapons class 6-7pm to include Bokken and Katana. Juniors and adults class from 7-9 as usual with Sensei teaching. 



Cbeebies T.V. show

We received an email from a Media company, who are looking for kids to compete on a new saturday morning t.v. show for the BBC. To apply fill out the form and return by 30th Nov 2007, the form can be found at 


Below is a copy of the email.....

Hi Stuart,

I was hoping for your assistance. I am working on a new Saturday morning programme for CBBC, and we are currently looking for 9 – 14 year old to take part in a series of challenges with a team mate. I thought that some of the children who take your classes may be interested as we are looking for lively and fairly sporty children.  Their team mate can be anyone from a class member, brother, sister or even neighbour. Would it be possible for you to put up the poster to follow on a notice board at your classes and inform the children there about the show.  It will be a great experience for anyone who takes part, and they could even end up representing your club. Thanks for your time, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me using the below information.




Foundation Logo

Do you want to be part of a


Saturday morning show?


Are you aged between 9 and 14?


Do you and your best mate/brother/sister want to show the world what a great team you make?


We are making a BRAND NEW wild and wacky show and we are looking for pairs to take part in challenges and games.

Apply online at and click on Children’s Saturday Show to apply.


Alternatively download an application form from and go to the ‘be on a show’ section.







Seminar In Invergordon

Sensei Nicholson is running a seminar in Invergordon on Sat 24th of November. Times are 1-4pm , cost is £15. ( Sensei's contact number is on our guest book)

We are taking numbers to work out how many cars we need to take, so please tell your class instructor if you want to go.

Sensei Gavin first met Sensei Nicholson in Tain, Dec 1995.

His club site is and is well worth a look.

New Licence Books

The new Licence books have arrived, so please hand back your old licence for the new one to be issued. The club still has most of the ones from the last grading, these have been done and will be issued over the next week.

Licence books are free to members but replacement books will cost £5 each so please be careful with them.

Each licence requires 2 passport photos of the student, please have them ready for your instructor or your licence will not be issued.

Club news









Sensei Karl Grubis visited the club on the 6th of Nov 2007. Sensei taught for 2 hours and everyone enjoyed it thoroughly. It has been decided that the club will return the favour by Sensei Gavin going south for a club visit.

Anyone wishing to attend please book a seat soon as there are still limited numbers left.

Class will be on as usual in Sensei Gavin's absence, Sensei is away for a few days on association business. Hopefully catching up with Soke Bauer while he is in Manchester..


Sensei Karl T. Grubis visit....

Sensei Karl T. Grubis, will be making a visit to class on Tue 6th Nov 2007. Sensei is a 3rd Dan in Ju-Jitsu, Based in the City of Dunfermline in the Kingdom of Fife, Scotland (20 mins North of Edinburgh). The Scottish Goshin Jitsu Academy are a small group of clubs teaching the ancient art of Ju-Jitsu. Some of you will have already met Sensei as he is one of the main instructors of the Combat Ceilidh which we attended in Oct.

KI / British Kempo Society









English (white), Welsh (Black) and Scottish teams


Fri 26th of Oct 2007 saw us send a team to the Kempo World Championships, teams present included:- England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Bulgaria, France and Sweden.  9 students and parents made the long journey south to Bedford with Sensei Gavin. Over the weekend the team competed, winning 2 bronze medals, well done Sensei Forbes and Jennifer Rattray. Due to an major over run on both Friday, Saturday and Sunday several of the guys didn't get to compete as their divisions were re-scheduled without prior notice, sorry guys hopefully next year. Sunday was supposed to be the "World Expo", this also took a beating as many of the listed instructors walked out after the championships. Many thanks to everyone who stayed/taught :- Soke Dossett, Hanshi Jorn Brandt, Master Lis Maria Brandt, Shihan Ledwick, Sensei Julie Williams and Sensei Gavin.

Special thanks to Sifu Nikki Ledwick, Sensei Ady Tredwell, O-Sensei Haydon Perryman and Master Pete Jones for all their hard work, attention to detail (and on a personal note for us) hospitality through out a very difficult weekend.

Shihan Velin Hadjolov, gave a very though provoking speech on Sunday that we found refreshing and appropriate, we him the best for the future  and look forward to seeing him again soon.


Squad Training, Classes and December Grading

Please note that their will be no classes on the following dates:-

Sat 20th Oct

Tues 23rd Oct

Sat 27th Oct.


From 3rd November, the Saturday class will be open to all club members,

Class times are 11am - 1pm at the Kingsmills Scout Hut.

The next grading will be held in the Scout Hut, on Sat 22nd of December Starting at 10am. Please make sure your insurance is up to date and licence books are signed.

Combat Ceilidh 2007






Sat 13th Oct 2007 saw the club travel to the 5th Combat Ceilidh, instructors for the day were:-

Kevin Slaney, 4th Dan Shotokan Karate
Karl Grubis, 3rd Dan Goshin Ju-Jitsu
John R. Smith, 2nd Dan Goshin Ju-Jitsu
Stuart Gavin, 3rd Dan Kempo

We would like to thank Sensei Smith for the invitation to what was a well organised and friendly seminar,  everyone had a great time and many new friends were made...

See you all next year..

Shihan Ben Ledwick Seminar









Sat 6th Oct 2007 saw Shihan Ben Ledwick and Sensei Ady Tredwell teaching for us in the Highlands. Special thanks to Gordon Maclean, Rudi Maclean and Joanne Sutherland who travelled to represent Sensei Nicholson.

 A great day was had by all.

Photo's of the event have been added to the gallery page. 


Soke McGill Course 15th March 2008

8Up date for the course, the following will be instructing at the course:-

Soke Andy McGill 10th Dan Kenpo England

Soke Gunter Bauer 10th Dan Hapkido England

Shihan Hugo Bleys 8th Dan Ju-Jitsu Belgium

Hanshi John Griffiths 8th Dan Jiu-Jitsu England

Hanshi Pat O’Malley 8th Dan Rapid Arnis England

Kyoshi Helmut Weigelt 7th Dan Aiki-Jutsu Germany

Shihan Johan Pettersson 6th Dan Ju-Jutsu Sweden

Kyoshi Rainer Grytt 6th Dan Jiu-Jitsu Germany

Renshi Hans Spaan 5th Dan Ju-Jutsu Holland

Sifu Terry Jacobs 5th Dan Kung-Fu/Kickboxing England

Renshi Chad Foster 5th Dan Jujutsu Denmark

Renshi Nigel Herterich 5th Dan Kenpo/Arnis England

Renshi Tony Duke 5th Dan Wado-Ryu Karate England

Renshi Janick Dams 4th Dan Ju-Jitsu Belgium

Renshi Lucy O’Malley 4TH Dan Rapid Arnis England

We will pass on any other details as and when we get them, Sensei Gavin is looking into accomodation, flights etc. If you are interested see your class instructor

Sept Gradings

Saturday 27th September 2007

The club held it's September gradings this week at the Kingsmill's Scout Hut.

Congratulations to the following people:-

Alexander Stewart (Blue Stripe)

Craig Mackay (Green Belt)

Phil Jenkins (Green Belt)

Craig Wallace (Green Stripe)

Darryl Hepburn (Green Stripe)

Michael Johnstone (Green Stripe)

Jennifer Rattray (Red Belt)

Ryan Rattray (Orange Belt)

Kayleigh Boyd (Orange Stripe)

Emma Mclennan (Orange Stripe)

Linda Sutherland (Yellow Belt)

Ryan Haywood (Yellow Belt)

Lisa Falconer (Yellow Stripe)

Taylor Falconer (Yellow Stripe)

Euan Trommino (Yellow Stripe)

Adam Rattray (White Belt)

Alesha Boyd (White Belt)

James Macphee (White Belt)

Conor Macphee (White Belt)

John Mackie (White Belt)

George Macphee (White Belt)


Combat Ceilidh 2007


Combat Ceilidh

Poster for Combat Ceilidh has been added to Download page. This includes full contact details for seminar.

Any MBR student wishing to attend please contact club instructor as there are still some seats available in the car pool.

Lochness Fun Run

As usual the club will be entering a team for the charity fun run. If you are interested contact club instructor.


Club gradings will be held at the Kingsmills Scout Hut, Kingsmills Rd on Sat 29th Sept 2007. Please ensure all your licenec is signed upto date. Gradings start 10am  Adults £10 Juniors £8. Please note no squad training this Saturday.

Cobra Licence and insurance

Many student licence books are out in Oct 2007, If your licence is due for renewal  please get a form from your club instructor.  

Oct 2007 seminar details


Sat 6th Oct, Culloden Academy, Inverness.


Shihan Ben Ledwick (co-founder of the British Kempo Society, Kempo International - England )

Sensei Ady Tredwell (The Jitsu Foundation, British Kempo Society)

Registration - 9.30     Seminar Starts - 10am      Seminar Finishes - 4pm (approx)

Cost - Seniors - £10 in advance or £20 at the door            Juniors - £5 in advance or £10 at the door

Please note this seminar is open to all grades styles and associations. Other instructors to be confirmed.

For further details contact - Stuart Gavin  01463 220610 (answer phone) or 07814376089 (mobile)

Email -

Soke Andy McGill Seminar and Birthday Party

Soke McGill is holding an International Seminar on the 15th March 2008 (venue to be confirmed). Soke holds Black Belts in 15 different arts and a 10th Dan in Kenpo. He is the founder of Kenpo Kwai International and has been friends with Sensei Gavin since his first visit to the Highlands in 1996. Many of the senior members of M.B.R met Soke at his last visit to Inverness which was at Culloden Academy in 2005.

With instructors coming from Sweden, Germany, Denmark, France, Holland, Belgium, it looks to be a cracker.

Further details to follow...

Gala Day....

Many thanks to all those who turned up for the Gala day and demo. We have had great feed back from the centre and several other groups are interested in us doing similar for them. Special thanks goes out to Sandra and Ryan Rattray, Sharon and Sensei Mitchell's Mum for all the time and effort spent on the stall. The stall made £170 for club funds.... Well done all!!

Combat Ceilidh 2007

Details for the Combat Ceilidh 2007 are as follows:- 

Saturday 13th October 2007
(Adults: 11am - 3pm)
(Juniors: 11am - 2pm)

at the

Duloch Leisure Centre
Dunfermline, Fife


Kevin Slaney, 4th Dan Shotokan Karate
Karl Grubis, 3rd Dan Goshin Ju-Jitsu
John R. Smith, 2nd Dan Goshin Ju-Jitsu
Stuart Gavin, 3rd Dan Kempo

Tickets in advance:- Juniors £10 Seniors £15

On the day:- Juniors £15 Seniors £20

For further info:- 

(M.B.R members wishing to attend contact Sensei Gavin or Sensei Mitchell.)


Download Page..

Download page now has a full page dedicated to the rules for the World championships. Please note that you have to register with Sensei Gavin before the 1st of September. We have included a link to the website if you want more details on location, accommodation, cost etc.. Feel free to email Shihan Ledwick if you have any questions or you can ask him when he comes up on the 6th of Oct.

Up coming events....

James Cameron Centre Gala

Saturday 1st Sept is the date for this years gala day.

The club will be putting on a demo and also has a stall with bric a brac.

All students wishing to take part contact your class instructor.


Shihan Ben Ledwick Seminar

We are looking at the 6th of Oct 2007, this depends on Shihan's plans as it is getting close to the World Championships.

Further details to come....

Combat Ceilidh 2007

Sensei Slaney, who many of you met at Soke Bauer's seminar in July,

 has invited the club to a mixed martial arts seminar.

It is to be held on the 13th Oct, and both Sensei Gavin and Sensei Mitchell will be going.

There will be a number of seats available if you wish to join the car pool.

more details soon..


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