Merkinch Budo Ryu the home of Kempo and Close Quarter Combat in the Highlands

Welcome to Merkinch Budo Ryu

We are a non-political martial arts group, who openly welcome students and instructors of other styles to study the techniques and principles of both Kempo and Close Quarter Combat. We are members of the Scottish Budo Association




So you've never heard of Kempo? Well the history of modern Kempo can be traced back to China and Japan around the year 1615. The style that we practice is an off shoot of Kosho-Ryu Kempo. This was the family art of Professor James Mitose. He introduced Kempo to the west via Hawaii into the U.S.A.

What is Kempo?

It is a martial art, made up of:

Nerve Point Applications
Ground work

This makes it an effective self-defence system at all attacking ranges.